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An International artist, Ron Like was born in Ohio in 1935. At the age of six he was drawing cartoons….though high school and later at Ohio State, an Architect and fine arts major… In 1963, he was name the outstanding artist, wining the Ohio State artist of the year award and the right to represent Ohio State at the National Student Art show at the University of Chicago. He took first place and was named one of the best student artist at the College and University level.
His painting career detour, with a marriage and several children later, an a career in politics, that would broadened his perspective and provided a great catalyst for change: he learned, traveled, he would resort to painting and other art in other endeavors with classes ceramics, sculpture and wood carvings and then finally came to understand that painting was his passion.

He has been influence with many area of sensibility, from cubism to impressionism. Like’s work is so versified it hard to describe or reflect its direction.” As an artist, I believe that life is only a temporize journey,” says Like. “I wait for inspiration; and then go to work. There are so many things that one come in contact with to show our creativity, however, criticism or praise are equally useful because they describe what our peers think is right and just. I will try and continue to mature as an artist, learning how to paint with that feeling. But it will always be just one step at a time, a painting, like building a building. One need to get outside the box or in other cases, take a step back to review what you just created. Take a building, or even a comfortable chair for example; It needs to be functional and beautiful…. and when it’s done well it will live forever. Paintings I think are the same, they have to build one step at a time and they have to be true in order to last.”